Sunday, July 21, 2013

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In case you haven't heard yet, the Soaring Eagle District Blog has moved! Our new address is:

New materials, new pages, better articles! It's the start of a new way to communicate and make a stronger district.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Camp Recap

It's FRIDAY! TGIF! Check out these great activities the Scouts did to finish off their first ever Day Camp experience. We closed our camp this year with a great campfire and awards ceremony, attended by Mayor Stothert herself! Mayor Stothert presented the campers their NOVA awards and said some really great words that we hope motivates the Scouts to stay in the program.

Amy teaching them about how the complex cleans and maintains the ice

Attempt at building their own space colony! Too bad the wind and humidity didn't cooperate. 


Mayor Stothert presenting the campers with their NOVA Award. 

A HUGE thank you to our fantastic volunteer staff! 

Here is a recap of ALL the awards the Cub Scouts earned this week:
-Belt Loops for Astronomy, Mathematics (and their pin), Baseball, Map and Compass, Ice Skating, Wildlife Conservation, Science (and pin), Chess, BB Guns, Ultimate (Frisbee)
-The Webelos earned their Handyman, Science, and Engineering Activity Pins as well
-All Scouts earned their NOVA patch PLUS all three "pi" pieces
*See your Cubmaster for receiving the awards.

And so ends a fantastic trip into the great beyond of Cub Scouting. Yet we are far away from the final frontier, as we've only just begun. We hope to see you back next year for NIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Camp Recap

Today was a really fun and different day. The Scouts got to enjoy a field trip to Heron Haven and learn about conservation, nature preservation, and had fun with Wildlife Encounters (see pictures below, some brave volunteers even got a tarantula on their heads!) 

Get ready! Tomorrow is the last leg of our Galactic Trek.We'll have BB guns, building their own space colony, ice skating, and then a camp fire and awards ceremony.

Heron Haven group shot with Naturalist Rodger. 

Tired scouts sitting by the lake. 

Wildlife Encounters with Rick and Darth Gator 

Say hello to Tony the Tortoise

Den Leader Sam holding Darth Gator 

Charlotte the spider and her new friends! Scroll down for some brave volunteers. 

Thank you Wildlife Encounters! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Camp Recap

Halfway there, we're flying with style now! The campers were great and full of energy (again, which is great!). Keep up the energy guys. Here is a photo recap of the day. Sorry for the lack of action shots, our camp went through the assessment process today and that kept us all busy. But we pass with flying colors, and the volunteers who came to check us out left with great impressions of camp.

Every morning, the kids spend a half an hour doing yoga with Keefer. We want to thank him for all the great work he's done in starting their day off healthy.

Getting ready to make some astronaut fudge!

These kids are figuring out their weight on different planets.

These young men are learning how to play ultimate frisbee.

Explaining the game play of ultimate frisbee. They also earned their Ultimate belt loop.

Now they're spending time after lunch learning chess. Oh and they earned that belt loop too!

Thank you to our fantastic chess masters!

Simple circuit demonstration and practice.

Using levers to build anything that moves the marble from one place to another. Being creative is fun!

Bill's last day as Rocket Man. Burning out his fumes out here.

Back to electricity, demonstrating closed circuits and transferring energy between people.

End result, the bulbs light up!

Water challenge: fill the bucket on the other side with water as fast as you can! The challenge, the cup has holes that let water escape.

Clay faces!

Even the staff got clayed!

This team had the longest rocket flight! Almost 8 seconds!

Bill launching one last special rocket.

Thank you Bill!

End of the day, the staff still have enough energy to (attempt) jump rope.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day at Heron Haven learning about nature conservation, and the going to Mullhull's for a technology in the work place lesson. Also, Wild Life Encounters will be stopping by to show off some really cool animals. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!